Modern Crops Protection

Enhancers for Systemic Fungicide and Insecticide

Hydrophilic Coconut Oil has this unique LAMINATION PROPERTY, lamination or coating is layering a variety of HCO’s microstructure essential elements. It applies the principle of Precision Engineered Laminating Technology.

HCO has its natural elasticized materials such as natural adhesion and bonding agents that will LAMINATE the plants and fruits for several days.

The lamination and suffocation properties are considered modern crops protection due to high-quality complex materials that are superior in insect and fungal controls. The nano-particles of HCO will retard the bonding of oil and plant’s TISSUE through the natural lamination.

The LAMINATION then SUFFOCATION principle engaged in a drop of oxygen, paralysis, and death of multi-insects and harmful microorganisms.

• Free of harmful chemicals
• No skin irritation
• No eye irritation
• Hypoallergenic
• Biodegradable
• Guaranteed 40% savings

i. 90% reduction of toxic chemicals
ii. Expensive systemic fungicide & insecticide
iii. Emulsifier
iv. Adjuvant
v. Disinfectant
vi. Hypoallergenic
vii. Biodegradable

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