TUKS+OIL Company Profile

The Company started in 2003 and has Japanese consultants and has 10 employees in a plant located in Metro Manila, Philippines. Plant capacity is 400,000 liters a month of all inventions.

The company does not regard local expansion as a strategy, let alone as a priority. It envisions a reality on a much grander scale and an all-encompassing influence in world developments through a vision/mission that embodies social responsibility

TUKS+OIL inventions have revolutionized the oil industry and set the pace for a future world that enjoys three important benefits. The first is providing a real solution to combat climate change, the second is huge savings, and third is energy security.

What are these inventions?
1. Etherification Process conversion of Ethanol to ETBE without the use of an expensive isobutylene (significant reduction of Co2, two times (2x) better than that of an E10)
2. Oxygenated Diesel Fuel (it enhances diesel to the maximum level)
3. Conversion of coconut oil to termiticide and insecticide

TUKS+OIL has achieved several technical and economical distinctions such as:
• its acceptability as the true solution to combat global warming by enhancing physical characteristics of ethanol that can reduce the Co2 emissions three times more than what regular ethanol and gasoline blend or E10 (ethanol 10) does
• its end product, ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE), which is universally acceptable and is in fact preferred by major oil companies that cannot produce it owing to expensive raw materials

Position in the industry:
There is absolutely no competition because TUKS+OIL can afford to build an inexpensive merchant plant due to my indigenous invention. Otherwise it is expensive to build one in the absence of an invention like mine. Another reason for the unique positioning of TUKS+OIL is the availability of raw materials to produce ETBE (e.g. COSMOIL of Japan has difficulty of expanding due limited supply of isobutylene).

TUKS+OIL has managed a saving of 90% in the construction and production cost of a traditional plant for the etherification process at a minimum of US $ 1.5 million only, an amount lower than that of the traditional process. There is only one merchant plant in Asia for the etherification process, which is COSMOIL of Japan. The minimum cost of building its plant ten years (10) ago was US $ 300 + million. Thus, this is the definite answer to the global warming and energy security not only of the Philippines but also of the world using ETBE. Any industrialized nation that would want to cut its fuel importation to promote energy security and reduce Co2 emissions will certainly go for ETBE.

The Company’s Present Operations (including facilities and systems capacity:
Machine’s Capacity:
TUKS+OIL, whose plant was established in SEB Commercial Complex at KM-23, Ortigas Ext., Taytay, Rizal five (5) years ago has sets of machines or Magnetic Reactor Beds that process 10,000 liters monthly. They are composed of special formulated metals with an estimated weight of 1500 + kilos.

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