The Combined Animal Fats and Cooking Oil Inventions

1. Developed Animal fats for Dengue Control:
i. Organic Fogging for Dengue Control: elimination of pesticide application
ii. Organic Lotion Controls: kills and repels mosquitoes without the use of pesticides

2. Developed Cooking Oil for Crops Protection:
i. Organic Pesticide: replacement of toxic pesticides in crops protection
ii. Organic Fungicide: replacement of chemically-based fungicide in plant’s disease control

3. Developed Combined Animal fats and Cooking Oil for Indoor Pest Management:
i. Organic Shampoo: to control pests and bacteria without the use of pesticides
ii. Organic Wood Preservatives: to control termites and wood preservatives without the use of chemicals

LAMINATION Technology is layering a variety of HCO’s microstructure essential elements. It applies the principle of Precision Engineered Laminating Technology. Once HCO is sprayed on the wood, its natural elasticized materials such as natural adhesion and bonding agents will LAMINATE the wood fiber for several years. Unlike water based chemicals for wood protection, HCO will not evaporate for many years once absorbed by the wood fiber.

4. Liquid Hydrogen Oil
Less Oil, More Hydrogen
• Anti-Ageing Facial Cream
• Natural Skin Whitening Lotion
• Hair Spa Shampoo

How it works
The difference is the perfect balance of Liquid Hydrogen + Coco Butter for natural skin and hair rehydration properties. The LH has 100X more skin and hair absorption properties than that of a pure water and oil. The LH is not an ordinary water, it passes with the unique process of hydrogen extraction process.

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