TUKS + OIL History

The story of TUKS+OIL is akin to that of a motor vehicle revving up to full expressway speed. What sparked his passion for fuel was his inflammable passion for discovering a solution to the escalating fuel prices that were plaguing the world in the late 90's.

Armed with a formidable entrepreneurial spirit and an endless storage of technical know how, TUKS tinkered with sets of small magnetic reactor bed. This was in 2000. He was looking for a spark of a solution for lower costs. He ventured into a process that required a few additives---as well as a formidable stage of trial and error which was not for the weak of heart and focus. It took him more than a year experimenting with different tests combinations, formulations, blends. Despite his mistakes, he was persistent. He tested more than one hundred different types of additives. Finally, only two of these additives successfully reacted with the plate of his magnetic reactor bed that could neutralize the adverse effect of alcohol and can now blend the oxygen content of alcohol into diesel fuel through the heating and cooling process.

In 2001, with instinct in one hand and persistence in the other, he eventually ejaculated with his very own, "Eureka!" Perfection in this case meant a world of promise for the world---any motor vehicle could run smoothly without any engine modifications, with much less harmful emissions, and with a price lower than that of conventional octane pool enhancers and diesel improver.

All told, TUKS’ inventions have set the pace for a future world that enjoys a harmless environment and much savings. What are these inventions?

TUKS+OIL inventions have revolutionized the oil industry and set the pace for a future world that enjoys three important benefits. The first is providing a real solution to combat climate change, the second is huge savings, and third is energy security.

What are these inventions?
1. Etherification Process conversion of Ethanol to ETBE without the use of an expensive isobutylene (significant reduction of Co2, two times (2x) better than that of an E10)
2. Oxygenated Diesel Fuel (it enhances the diesel fuel to the maximum level)
3. Conversion of coconut oil to termiticide and insecticide

TUKS+OIL has achieved several technical and economical distinctions such as:
• its acceptability as the true solution to combat global warming by enhancing physical characteristics of ethanol that can reduce the Co2 emissions three times more than what regular ethanol and gasoline blend or E10 (ethanol 10) does
• its end product, ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE), which is universally acceptable and is in fact preferred by major oil companies that cannot produce it owing to expensive raw materials

For TUKS+OIL, the fluid journey has just begun. As the world enters an uncertain window of events, with powerful countries threatening oil-producing countries, TUKS+OIL welcomes us to a world of certainty. In his meaningful way, he multiplies his talent and skill a thousand fold as a responsible global citizen---complementing the existing sources of the world's fuel while at the same time enhancing alternative solutions.

TUKS+OIL Vision / Mission
Having achieved these trailblazing breakthroughs, TUKS+OIL envisions to launch its own programs targeting the oil and ethanol producing countries that attempt to address the urgent global search for the most viable fuel alternatives. It will proactively make itself known to the governments of countries that play a major role in the petroleum industry to harness resources and expedite implementation to benefit society as soon as possible.

The company aims to be a major instrument in providing solutions for a pollution-free environment in all corners of the world. The far-reaching effects of the fuel inventions will therefore benefit the health and overall well-being of our generation as well as other generations to come.

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