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A Bio Reactor is a specialized device that is composed of several formulated MAGNETS and others (proprietary metal compositions) that are built in the form of a chamber with different passageways. The flow of oils passes in passageways (cooling & heating) to create the separation between liquids and oxygen through the system of electrolysis at the temperature not exceeding 30°C (outside temp) and 800°C (inside temp). The design is to promote the liquid and oxygen (from the atmosphere) to decompose simultaneously upon entering the chamber, therefore adopting efficient and precise physical changes, e.g. when the heating process is done, the finished product of 100% cooking oil is reduced to 90% only. The evaporation of 10% of oil is a unique process of the BioReactor.

There are three flow arrangements with Bio Reactor’s passageways: counter-flow, parallel-flow, and cross-flow. The different flows are important, because they pass the chamber that attracts the magnetic interference between the additives and liquids which then create the violent separation that results in a super reaction. It transfers the greater amount of heat. Even at the given temperature is only limited to 800°C and below, chemical changes are made possible using the proprietary formulated metals.

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